Fixing the music royalties system

Experts in Music Data

Intelligent Automation to solve music data problems and lost royalty income.

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Joining the dots

CWORKS is a technology and data company that helps creators and rights owners correctly identify and manage copyright works, fix problems and make sure there is no royalty income loss.

CWORKS platform uses Intelligent Automation to analyse music data and maintain the integrity of the works.

The music royalty system is being fixed. Join the community. Powered by CWORKS.

CWORKS Mission

CWORKS was setup to find solutions and fix the music royalties system.

For the first time, CWORKS brings together expertise in rights / royalties / forensics / data analytics / technology.

CWORKS is bringing transparency to rights management which will result in greater understanding and a drive towards more accurate royalty payments.

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Meet MAKO, Our Data Analytics Platform

MAKO is the first integrated, one-stop works and royalties analytics solution that is quick and cost effective. Using Intelligent Automation, MAKO aggregates and mines global data sources providing invaluable insights into data and money flows.

Using MAKO CWORKS can find historic and current royalty income losses, fix problems and provide on-going maintenance of the works to ensure royalty income protection.  

CWORKS can see what was previously unseen and solve what was previously unsolvable.

Who We Represent

Creators, Rights Owners and the new class of Asset Acquirers worldwide.

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